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All Intraoral X-rays taken in our office are digital which reduces the amount of radiation exposure.  This provides our dentists with the ability to more thoroughly utilize the x-ray in diagnosing any areas of concern and allows us to be able to work more seamlessly with specialists in the event that you needed
to see one.  We also have a panorex machine in the office for x-rays of wisdom teeth and jaw bones

x_ray1.jpgBitewing X-rays are taken annually in conjunction with your annual examination.  These x-rays allow the dentist to evaluate between your back teeth for areas of decay.  Bitewings are extremely important because it is impossible for the dentist to see between your teeth to check for cavities.  

x_ray2.jpgFull-Mouth Series of X-rays are taken once every 3 to 5 years to check for bone abnormalities as well as areas of concern around the roots of the teeth.  This series includes 18 individual x-rays of your teeth so that we can see all of your teeth and the bone surrounding them as well as four bitewing x-rays to check for cavities between your teeth.  

x_ray3.jpgPanorex films also x-ray all of your teeth. Panorex or Panoramic x-rays are taken by a machine from the outside of your mouth.  They allow the doctor to see all of your jaw bone and often times much of your sinuses.  
These x-rays are particularly helpful in seeing bone structure, development, wisdom teeth, and for children with erupting adult teeth.  

x_ray4.jpgPeriapical X-rays are x-rays taken of an individual area of the mouth which show the entire tooth including the area surrounding the end of the tooth root.  These x-rays are taken if there is a particular area which needs to be closely evaluated such as in the case of trauma to a tooth or a toothache.