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New Patients

There is nothing more unpleasant than a toothache.  If you are a new patient with a toothache or broken tooth, we are here to help you. We will schedule an appointment for you to be seen by the dentist.  At that visit an x-ray will be taken and the dentist will evaluate the area.  It is
necessary that you have this evaluation for many reasons.  If there is an infection in the area, it will need to be cleared up before any treatment can be performed because an infection can interfere with anesthetic.  The dentist will want to discuss with you his findings and present you
with the options for ending your discomfort.  Once you have decided on a course of treatment, the office staff will discuss the financial aspects of the treatment with you and schedule an appointment for the treatment.

Adults (age 18 and over)
New Patients in our practice over age 17 will be scheduled for an appointment with the dentist for a comprehensive examination and necessary x-rays.  The examination will include a review of the patients medical history, charting of existing baseline conditions in the mouth,
examination of the teeth to check for any problems, an oral cancer screening of the tongue, cheeks and other soft tissue, glands, periodontal evaluation (to evaluate the health of the gums and bone beneath them)and a review of the patients x-rays.  Every healthy adult should
have bitewing x-rays taken every year in order to check for decay between the teeth where the dentist can't see.  A full-mouth series of x-rays should be taken every 3-5 years to evaluate for surrounding them.  If you have current x-rays at another dental office, we would be glad to
have them transferred in order to avoid taking unnecessary x-rays. The doctor will then review any recommended treatment with you and we will schedule appointments for the treatment you have decided on as well as an appointment for you to come back and see the hygienist.

Teenagers (age 13 to 17)
Like adults, teenagers will first see the dentist for a comprehensive examination.  However, because their mouths have not completely developed, only bitewing x-rays will be taken. The dentist will review any findings with both the patient and the parent.  We will then discuss the proposed treatment and schedule appointments for this treatment as well as an appointment to see the hygienist.  

Children (age 3 to 12)

Children under age 13 are scheduled for their first visit with the hygienist.  She will perform a cleaning, take bitewing x-rays to check for decay, and give your child a topical fluoride treatment. The dentist will come into the room and perform an examination to check for decay
and any other abnormalities or areas of concern.  With very small children, we will attempt these procedures, but will not force your child to have any treatment done.  We think it is important that children have good experiences at the dentist so that they don't grow into adults
who are afraid of the dentist.

Toddlers (under age 3)
We offer a screening and counseling for children under the age of 3.  The child and parent(s) will see the hygienist and dentist. We will perform a visual evaluation of the child's teeth and discuss oral habits, nutrition and tips with the parent.  This visit can be very helpful step in
transitioning a child to regular visits.  It allows them to experience the office and begin establishing a relationship with the dental hygienist in a very non-invasive manner.

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