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implant.jpgIt is like  having your natural tooth back.  The oral surgeon
places an implant in your jaw bone which will act like the root of
your natural tooth.  After approximately six months of healing and
several stability tests, the implant should be ready to restore.  It is
very important to make sure that the bone around an implant has
healed fully and that the implant is stable to avoid damaging the
jawbone when biting.  

Once the healing is completed an abutment will be placed on the
implant.  The abutment serves as an attachment between the
implant and the crown. Abutments are selected specifically for the
individual patients situation.   
After  the abutment is in place, an impression will be taken to
fabricate a crown to fit over it.  The crown will be custom made by
a dental laboratory to match the patient's  natural teeth. This
process takes approximately three weeks after which the crown is

Implants can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth by
supporting either a fixed partial (bridge)  or by lending support or
retention to a removable complete or partial denture.  Adding
implants to retain or support a complete or partial denture can
reduce mobility usually associated with removable prosthetics.

Implants are  brushed, flossed and otherwise maintained just like
a natural tooth, they can not get decay, but are susceptible to
periodontal disease.