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There are several reasons why teeth need to be extracted.  Sometimes, the tooth is decayed
beyond the point where it can be restored.   Other times, the nerve has died or been damaged,
in which case the options would be root canal therapy and a crown or extraction of  a tooth.  

At Gorham Family Dentistry we perform simple extractions of all types of teeth right here in our
office using local anesthesia.  This enables you to drive yourself to and from the appointment.  
Most patients for whom we perform extractions don't have the need for prescription pain

In the event that the dentist thinks that your tooth may need to be extracted in more than one
piece,  we work very closely with several oral surgeons who have the tools and expertise to
make this process as comfortable as possible for you.  

After a tooth is extracted, it is very important that you closely follow the directions given to you
by the dentist to allow your mouth to heal as quickly as possible.

It is always necessary to replace missing teeth, even if they are baby teeth.  If a missing tooth is
not replaced, the teeth on the sides of the space will tilt into the empty space.  This
creates difficult areas to clean which can lead to decay and/or periodontal disease.  It can also
create gaps in your smile.  Also the tooth above or below the now missing tooth can rise or fall
into the space.

There are many options for tooth replacement including partials, dentures, bridges and