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Periodic Oral Evaluations- These examinations are done annually for established patients at Gorham Family Dentistry, P.A.  They generally take place during your visit with the hygienist.  X-rays will be taken at this time so the dentist can check for decay between your
teeth and in areas which cannot be seen with a visual exam alone. This exam includes evaluation of your teeth for any areas of decay or weakening called decalcification.  An oral cancer screening and evaluation for abnormalities of your soft tissue (gums, cheeks, tongue
and roof and floor of the mouth).  Also, for adults over the age of 18 each year your annual exam will include a full periodontal evaluation to check for gum disease.  

New Patient Exams-To establish a person as a patient in our practice we perform a comprehensive examination and take any necessary x-rays.  The examination will include a review of the patient's medical history, charting of existing baseline conditions in the mouth,
examination of the teeth to check for any problems, an oral cancer screening of the tongue, cheeks and other soft tissue, periodontal evaluation (to evaluate the health of the gumsand bone beneath them) and a review of the patient's x-rays.

Emergency Examinations-In the event of an emergency situation, the patient would see the dentist for limited evaluation of the problem area.   Generally, this examination is accompanied by an x-ray of the tooth in order to allow for proper diagnosis of the problem so
that we can work with you to provide treatment in order to alleviate your pain.  This examination may also include testing the vitality of the nerve.  

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