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There are many reasons a crown may be recommended to restore a tooth including, fractures,
replacement of very large old fillings, after root canal therapy has been performed and when not
enough healthy tooth remains to support a filling.  When a crown is made, the tooth is first
shaped so that the crown can fit over it and still fit into your bite and smile.  Then impressions
are taken of the prepared tooth.  These impressions will be sent to the dental laboratory where
they will fabricate a crown custom designed to fit your tooth.  The dentist or assistant will make a
temporary crown for you to wear while your crown is being made.  Once the crown has been
fabricated, you will return to the office where the dentist will remove the temporary and
replace it with your crown.  Our dentists generally use one of three types of crowns.  Each
serves a slightly different purpose:

All Porcelain Crown:
All porcelain crowns are generally used only for front teeth.  They do not have the added
strength of metal, meaning patients will need to be more careful with them.  However, if a
porcelain fused to metal crown is placed on a front tooth, the metal could eventually show at the
gumline due to gum recession as you age.  The metal would look like a black line.  By using all
porcelain, there is no metal to show and no need to worry about black lines after time.  

Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal Crown (PFM):
PFM crowns have the strength to withstand the pressure created by chewing because the inside
of the crown is made from metal .  The outside is covered with porcelain and is specifically
designed to match the shading of your natural teeth in the same area of your mouth, allowing
the crown to blend in with your teeth.

High Noble Metal or Gold Crowns:
Sometimes there is not enough room in a patients mouth to put porcelain over the metal of a
crown and still allow the patient to close their mouth properly.  In this case the dentist can have
the crown fabricated completely out of metal.  This option provides excellent strength for
chewing as well as allowing the dentist to retain more tooth structure.